Asia is a highly populated continent among the seven continents of the world. More than 4 billion are living in Asia. There is huge economic growth, land occupation, and business opportunities in this populated continent. It thus boosts up the power consumption. Moreover, there is a high demand for space to accommodate everyone. Hence, this has become a ground for real estate investment.

But Asia is not a small continent like Australia so investment opportunities are huge which makes it a confusing option for the investors. Also, languages and restrictive laws become a barrier for foreign investors. The main purpose is to invest in a profitable region. So, here is a helping guide to keeping you informed about all the profitable regions of Asia including the best one.

invest property in malaysia

Top 3 profitable region of Asia


An investor-friendly country of Asia is Malaysia welcomes all foreign investors with fewer restrictions. However, they cannot buy properties like Malay reserved units and Bumi units. Only freehold and leasehold propertyoptions are for them. They cannot buy land property for agricultural purposes. However, for investing in commercial and industrial purposes, there are lots of options for investors.

Why investing in Malaysia is a good option?

Malaysia's property market is still blooming even after the trade war in China. The prices of the house have slowed down in recent years that have increased the demand for investing in Malaysia. The GDP figure shows the economic growth of Malaysia. They are ranking on 37th position by the IMF among 196 countries. This is as per the report of last year. By the year 2020, there will be 4.8 percent economic growth of the country stated by the finance minister.

37 Malaysia USD 347.290 billion
38 Singapore USD 346.621 billion
39 Colombia USD 336.940 billion
40 Philippines USD 331.678 billion

Moreover, Malaysia is going to be benefited more by the trade diversion changes in the country. Also, the country’s budget 2020 shows that the price of urban properties in Malaysia will drop down the threshold level. The foreign ownership will drop to RM 1 million to 600k (new condo & apartment). Hence, it is a good time to invest in Malaysian properties.

Moreover, there are varied property options available to investors such as condominiums, townhouses, houses, and more. The minimum purchase price for foreign buyers is also less than in other countries. It is RM 1 million but it is even less in some states such as Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Malacca, and more. Also, buying a property in Malaysia is safe than other countries due to their secure titling systems. The condo and home unite have a warranty that comes with the purchase agreement. So, check the developer’s reputation in Malaysia and start investing.


Another South East Asian country where buying houses, freehold land, and the apartment are easy is Singapore. However, it’s expensive if you want to be a permanent resident of the country. Theoretically buying a property is easy in Singapore but in practice, it's quite difficult. You need the government’s permission to buy a property.


Get a strata title and own an apartment in Brunei but you cannot own land here.

So, these were the top three property destinations of Asia. Among all Malaysia is considered the best and safest place to invest.