Wanna buy property in Malaysia? Yeah! There are many ways through which you can buy property in your name. However, before buying the property there are common questions regarding the strata title and individual title arises. In Malaysia, these are some of the property laws which are followed. On the other hand, the laws are followed for properties all around the globe. Do you among the ones who wanna know about the laws that are there for buying the properties? In this article, we are providing you with information about the property laws that are there in Malaysia.

condo house and land

Strata title- legal entity ownership

Strata title allows the individual to get access to have ownership of a particular property. No matter it’s an apartment or the townhouse strata title is important. However, with this, they can combine the shared ownership. This is the way that they are known as common property. It is generally happening for the multi-storied building that is available in Malaysia. When you the single owner you can own a whole piece of land with the proper strata title. The title usually states that the land particularly belongs to the developers or the owners.

Moreover, on behalf of the purchaser, the developers have to apply for the titles. This is the properly stated in the strata title act 1985. The property security usually depends on the deed or the assignments that are going on. It takes a few years for obtaining the strata title. With this title, the person owning the property is having the full rights with which they can even sell the properties. The title is issued to the houses which are there on the same piece of land. Thus, if you are getting access to multiple houses that are there in the same land then you must get issued with the strata title.

Individual title- right for land properties

When you are planning to own a semi-D, terrace houses, or bungalows then you must get issued with the individual title. However, by issuing this you are going to be the only owner of the whole piece of the land. On the other hand, if you wanna sell any of the owning properties then you will need the Malaysian national land code. This you can better do by the form 14A. Both the transfer and the charge of the property involve the land office and the instruments which are presented in the registration process.

The properties own at the same land with issuing the individual titles. On the other hand, the owner has the unit of high rise building. This is the way that people have the right of ownership with the unit that they have purchased. By this, they can easily differentiate in the unit that they are sharing with the other owners.


When you are planning to invest in the land, it is going to be a lucrative investment. This is the best opportunity for investors. There are many benefits when you are getting access to the properties by individual and strata titles. So, buying a property in Malaysia then gets access to the titles which are necessary.