The apartment in Singapore and land property in Malaysia has equal prices but have lower currency rate. Hence more and more Singaporeans are heading towards investing in Malaysia. This is not only the case with Singaporeans, but more overseas investors are also attracting by the property in Malaysia. However, buying a property here seems easy but still, you can go for further investment with some useful tips.

You can get homes for yourself or invest in good property. But stay organized with our tips.


tip to buy lands and house udner the cloud

A strategic location

Malaysia is a big country with most of the profitable region for investors. Hence, checking for a popular location is necessary to invest in the most profitable ones. Some popular areas include Penang, Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur. Also, the trend of the population in these areas as a location with a higher population is better ROI.  You can invest in malls, supermarkets, restaurants and more in such an area. The location should be such its transportation becomes convenient for others. Communication is also a factor to consider while looking for a location.

Find a good property

Ample options are available through which you can find a property. You can get help from the agent but their fees depend on the property you purchase. We recommend getting a special agent and getting the local market’s feedback first. However, you will have to pay for this advice. They are registered agents with real estate agents of the country. Choosing them is a better idea as it avoids the chances of scams and frauds. Check online portals and land to reliable websites to find such real estate agents.

Buy an apartment or land

You must think about what suits you best- an apartment or land. There are lots of expensive and cheap condominiums in Malaysia. If you are a foreign investor then buying a land might be an issue but it's almost okay if you are the local resident. The prices of both properties also vary. But the benefit of each property is always there. Financing options are also there for foreigner investor* for landed property so never worry about whether buying will be easy or not.

Completed or under development

Investing in under development projects is beneficial and cheapest due to the freebies that developers offer. They offer rebates, free stamp duty, and even free legal fees to the buyers of under development projects.

Also investing in newly completed property is good as you can find out who your neighbors are, nearby facilities, furnishing qualities, and property layout.

Developer / Contractor

Hiring a reputable developer is always good when investing in Malaysia. Check their track records and trustworthiness if you are investing for a first-time. Your one wrong decision in choosing a developer can impact heavily on your pocket.

Also, check the minimum purchase price of the region where you are about to invest. 1 million RM is the minimum price for purchasing the property by foreign investors.

*foreigner investor - (More Singaporean buying property in JB)