With a population of more than 4 billion, the Asian population is undoubtedly the top of world's seven continents. In the context of sustained economic growth, business opportunities, population or land occupation, it is directly proportional to the growth of its consumption power. Based on the substantial growth of Asia and the rising demand for space, it lay a good foundation for real estate investment and become a good opportunity for investment.

However, while investment in Asia may be profitable, the region may also be more difficult to navigate for foreign investors. Language barriers, non-Western commercial norms and restrictive laws may even be the main choice for the most adventurous capitalists.

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To help you enter new areas of South East Asian investment, here are all countries to invest in real estate.


Malaysia is the most investor-friendly countries in Asia. it generally welcomes foreign capital while restrictions on housing ownership are few. In fact, the only type of housing properties foreigners can't buy "bumi unit" and "malay reserved unit", foreigner's  allow to buy the leasehold (up to 99 years) and freehold properties.

As for the land property, only agricultural title is restricted to foreigners, there is no restriction for land with industrial or commercial title. If you are willing to work with local people to start a company, then to own agricultural land is a different matter.


In Singapore foreigners can legally own houses, apartments or even freehold land. Compare to other country, it is one of the easiest places to buy apartments in South East Asia.

But compare to housing market over the world, Singapore is one of the most expensive and to become permanent resident here is no easy.

Although it is theoretically allowed for foreigners to own houses or land, the availability of these types of property may be difficult due to limited land in Singapore and is very expensive in practice.

To own a land as foreigner in Singapore, you need obtain permission from the government. This kind of approvals require very large sum of purchases and to prove that it is "good for Singapore economy".


Foreigners can purchase properties in Brunei through a strata title which will allow them hold apartment, landed house for up to 99 years, only Bruneians can own land in Brunei.


Like many of other Southeast Asian countries, Foreigners are prohibited from owning land in Vietnam. The land is owned by all Vietnamese people, but governed by the state. As written in the national Land Law, foreigners and foreign organizations are allowed to lease the land for 50 years and maximum 70 years for commercial title.


Foreigners aren't allowed to purchase land (or landed property) in Cambodia, but can open a company (hold 49% share) with local citizen to lease a property up to 50 years and willing to accept a level of risk.


Any foreigner who marries a Filipino can buy and own land in the Philippines as long as they do not renounce their citizenship. Foreigners can only own houses or buildings, but they do not own the land where the buildings are located. Foreign individuals or companies can only lease, can not own Philippine land,  maximum lease period up to 50 years.


Foreigners can purchase a home with strata titled or lease a land for 30 years at the cost at least USD 500,000.


Foreigners are not allow to own the land in Thailand, but they are allow to purchase apartment or condominium units. If buy the whole building must minus the land. Foreigners also allow lease land for 30 years length.


Foreigners cannot own condos, apartments and land or any type of property in Myanmar. But allow foreigners to lease land for up to 60 years with an MIC permit.


Home in Indonesia can only be owned by Indonesian citizens. Thus, if you want to purchase a property as a foreigner, this is not possible. Foreigners are only permitted to purchase house or land under the "(Hak Pakai)" title (30 years) for specific purposes described in the deed of conveyance.