step for home research

Purchasing a house or a property is one of the most important decision of one’s lives and that is why there are several countermeasures that one must follow to ensure a peace of mind while purchasing a property in Malaysia.

There is no chance of correction a mistake and it is just like something which is written with a pen, it cannot be erased and the only method is to destroy it. And, that is certainly not the thing that you are looking for.

With that said, let us have a look at the 12 brilliant tips to follow for an uttermost peace of mind while purchasing a property here in Malaysia:

Research is dominant

Make sure that you research well about the property and find out its pros and cons as well. This will be the most important factor since it will decide all the further classifications of the property. Therefore, make sure you do this phase well.

Consider your budget

Find out what your budget is and then shortlist your research on the basis of that. You can only buy the thing that you can afford. Therefore, find one that fits the bill for you.

Find out the prices

Based on your budget, curate a list of all the possible options and find out the prices for the same. Consider the EMI and other factors for this step to ensure that it is done correctly.

Research for your desired property

Once you find the best deal for you, start researching about it such as the land type, area, size, tenure, etc.

Consult an agent for aid

If you find any confusion then don’t hesitate to ask an agent and enquire him about the things that you wish to know.

Down payment is necessary as well

Make sure that you have sufficient amount with you to pay the down payment. More is the down payment, lesser the interest.

Keep in mind that other costs are there too

Enquire about the taxes as well as other hidden costs that you might face and after that only move to other things. Make sure that you do not rush.

Home loans are a key factor

Is there any available home loan for the same? If yes, then find out about the home loan as soon as possible.

Qualifications required for a home loan

If a home loan is available and is very pleasing for you then find out the eligibility criteria for the same. If eligible, then apply for it immediately.

Find out other financing options

If the home loan does not matches your needs then enquire about the other options from a financer as well.

A lawyer is a must

Hire a lawyer to deal with the legal terms and conditions.

Own the property

Congrats, you have now successfully overcome all the obstacles and can now finalize the deal with ease.


So that was all about purchasing a property in Malaysia. That’s all we have for today.