Are you looking for buying a property in Malaysia? Then you must know about all the types of properties and houses available there. Whether the investment is your purpose or for your own use, properties in Malaysia are worth buying. However, the properties vary in size, type, and location. Moreover, the property is divided into two broad categories. The first type is property sold by an individual owner. The second type is new property by developers.

Both these are broad categories only and many more types fall under either one of the categories.

Check out the property and houses in Malaysia


These are the creams of the landed property. They are known for offering luxury and privacy and are usually expensive. They are the biggest residential options due to their property size. Just as their size their price also rises and usually depends on the location of bungalows. The surrounding of this property includes parking area or garden.

a single storey unfence bungalow house

Semi-detached houses

The typical size is 2,300-4,000 square feet. There is open land to one of its sides. However, they are not luxurious but still offer space.

two house side by side semi-detacted house

Cluster houses

The typical size is 2,300-3,200 square feet. There is open land to one of its sides. However shares a party wall joins back to back with another house.

double storeys cluster house

Terrace houses

Also called as super link and link houses, these share walls with other houses on either side. Also, they may have one or two stories. But the size of the link and super link is different than a terrace house and varies from 750 sf to 1,920 sf. Among these three, super link has the highest size and expensive as well. They many have five to six bedrooms.

blue painted double storeys terrace house


Townhouse looks similar to a terrace house from outside. They are two or maybe 3 houses sharing the same entrance and porch area. However, some townhouse has separate entrances from the back or front side of the house. They can be either two or three-story buildings separated from each other.

3 storeys town house beside beautiful garden


If you want to experience the feel of bungalows and terrace house then get the penthouse. Hence they are also called a bungalow in the sky. Penthouses build on the top floor of the buildings, condominiums or residences. They are luxurious and spacious. Some even have lift lobbies, swimming pools, gyms, and more. This makes them expensive property options.

living room of penthouse unit face to the blue-blue sea


Here the residents share the space in a high-rise building. There is a common parking lot for every resident. The typical size of condominium varies from 650 sf to 1,500 sf. They are good enough to live with your family as they have space for three to four bedrooms. The buildings are tall and have higher density and the monthly renting fees, service charges and more make them a popular option among buyers.

night view of block of apartments and condo


A single individual can buy a duplex or studio to enjoy complete privacy. They are situated in the proximity of the city thus commuting is easy to other places. Even couples can buy or rent them but families cannot find them perfect for living due to less space.

well renovated duplex unit in a apartments

So, these were popular eight property options in Malaysia.